SCCA - Cal Club Autocross announces Cal Club Autocross Permanent Numbers 2020 Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 — Thursday, Oct 1, 2020 attendees at Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA 92335 (4016) > Attendees |

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Cal Club Autocross Permanent Numbers 2020

SCCA - Cal Club Autocross

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019 — Thursday, Oct 1, 2020

Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, CA

New or Changes  58 entries
#   Name Status Hometown
27 Placeholder Avatar Ankeny, Guy Confirmed Simi Valley, CA
786 Avatar Image Baig, Mirza Confirmed Riverside, CA
27 Avatar Image Bickford, Jonathan Confirmed San Marcos, CA
34,412 Placeholder Avatar Burke, Tyler Confirmed Torrance, CA
8,18,80 Placeholder Avatar Cardenas, Adrian Confirmed San Gabriel, CA
69 Avatar Image Dang, QV Confirmed Fountain Valley, CA
281 Avatar Image Darquea, Chris Confirmed San Diego, Ca
195 Avatar Image Devlin, Ryan Confirmed Anaheim, CA
269,88 Placeholder Avatar Diaz, Efrain Confirmed Fullerton, CA
133 Placeholder Avatar Dreier, Guy Confirmed Indian Wells, CA
429 Avatar Image Earls, Ray Confirmed Yucaipa, CA
335 Avatar Image Fitzpatrick, Kelley Confirmed San Diego, CA
32 Placeholder Avatar Flaherty, Ron Confirmed Trabuco Canyon, CA
62 Placeholder Avatar Frecentese, Thomas Confirmed Anaheim, CA
201 Avatar Image Gage, Brian Confirmed Aguanga, CA
220 Placeholder Avatar Gibbs, Nathan Confirmed San Diego, CA
12, 42 Avatar Image Gibson, Reed Confirmed Gardena, CA
413 Placeholder Avatar Guest, Laura Confirmed Camp Lejeune, NC
314 Placeholder Avatar Guest Jr., Thomas Confirmed Twentynine Palms, CA
137 Avatar Image Hogan, Kaile Confirmed San Ysidro, CA
809 Placeholder Avatar Ilag, Aurene Confirmed Buena Park, CA
187 Avatar Image Jones, Matt Confirmed San Diego, CA
79 Placeholder Avatar Layton, Thomas Confirmed Costa Mesa, CA
9 Placeholder Avatar Luther, Curt Confirmed Beaumont, CA
202, 822 Placeholder Avatar Mabie, Kendra Confirmed Gardena, CA
441 Avatar Image Magee, Bob Confirmed Lake Elsinore, CA
203 Placeholder Avatar Markey, Brian Confirmed La Verne, CA
41 Placeholder Avatar Marlow, William Confirmed Visalia, CA
346 Placeholder Avatar McBride, Kevin Confirmed Valencia, CA
382 Avatar Image McPherson, Tyson Confirmed Porter Ranch, CA
40 Avatar Image Merz, Earl Confirmed Mojave, CA
929 Avatar Image Nguyen, Steve Confirmed Huntington Beach, CA
344 Placeholder Avatar Nobriga, Michael Confirmed Los Alamitos, CA
87 Placeholder Avatar Odioso, Sara Confirmed San Diego, CA
186 Placeholder Avatar Oest, Michael Confirmed Redondo Beach, CA
760 Avatar Image Olszewski, Misty Confirmed Westminster, CA
767 Avatar Image Pittman, Darlene Confirmed Chula Vista, CA
130, 330 Placeholder Avatar Porta, Lauren Kane Confirmed Anaheim, CA
909 Placeholder Avatar Powers, Ryan Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
118 Placeholder Avatar Quintanilla, Nathan Confirmed Downey, CA
473 Avatar Image Rothwell, Shane Confirmed Calgary, Al
95 Placeholder Avatar Ryker, Chad Confirmed Huntington Beach, CA
254 Placeholder Avatar Savchenkov, Aleksandr Confirmed La Crescenta, CA
256 Placeholder Avatar Savchenkov, Anatoliy Confirmed Irvine, CA
821 Avatar Image Swenson, Paige Confirmed Escondido, CA
212 Placeholder Avatar Tang, Raymond Confirmed Irvine, CA
78 Avatar Image Teague, Chris Confirmed San Diego, CA
823 Avatar Image Thorp, Bill Confirmed Ramona, CA
238 Avatar Image Thorp, Kathy Confirmed Ramona, Ca
200 Placeholder Avatar Tobar, Isaac Confirmed Downey, CA
986 Placeholder Avatar Truong, Phuc Confirmed Rosemead, CA
488 Placeholder Avatar Turnlund, Amy Confirmed Rancho Santa Marg, CA
817 Placeholder Avatar Van Dyne, Dylan Confirmed Pasadena, CA
717 Placeholder Avatar Van Wyk, Adam Confirmed Long Beach, CA
999, 969 Placeholder Avatar Van Wyk, Nolan Confirmed Long Beach, CA
218 Placeholder Avatar Wahe, Melissa Confirmed North Hollywood, CA
392 Placeholder Avatar Wang, Jerry Confirmed Mission Viejo, CA
41, 144 Avatar Image Wen, Yongzhe Confirmed Missouri City, TX
Renewal   152 entries
#   Name Status Hometown
728 Avatar Image Abrams, Jacob Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
321 Avatar Image Ahmad, Mansoor Confirmed Irvine, CA
38 Avatar Image Baltazar, Shelby Confirmed Rancho Cucamonga, CA
58 Placeholder Avatar Barrish, David Confirmed Lake Arrowhead, CA
858 Placeholder Avatar Barrish, Samuel Confirmed Lake Arrowhead, CA
171 Placeholder Avatar Berry, Lisa Confirmed Rancho Cucamonga, CA
172 Placeholder Avatar Berry, Theresa Confirmed Rancho Cucamonga, CA
72 Placeholder Avatar Berry, Tom Confirmed Rancho Cucamonga, CA
732 Avatar Image Bogue, Bob Confirmed Garden Grove, CA
210 Avatar Image Bradley, Michael Confirmed West Covina, CA
240 Avatar Image Brown, Rick Confirmed Lake Elsinore, CA
117 Placeholder Avatar Brown, Trevor Confirmed Corona, CA
521 Placeholder Avatar Burr, Consuelo Confirmed Anaheim , Ca
82 Placeholder Avatar Cachola, Leonard Confirmed West Hollywood, CA
154 Placeholder Avatar Cadenhead, Diane Confirmed Hesperia, CA
541 Placeholder Avatar Cadenhead, William C Confirmed Hesperia, CA
121 Placeholder Avatar Cameron, Gary Confirmed San Diego, CA
21 Placeholder Avatar Cameron, Todd Confirmed San Diego, CA
16 Avatar Image Chang, Terence Confirmed Rolling Hills Estate, CA
43 Placeholder Avatar Chin Jr, Bill Confirmed Corona, CA
63 Placeholder Avatar Chmielewski, Brian Confirmed Manhattan Beach, CA
92 Placeholder Avatar Clark, Maggie Confirmed Ontario, CA
94 Avatar Image Clements, Eric Confirmed Pasadena, CA
194 Placeholder Avatar Clements, Mari Confirmed Pasadena, CA
375 Avatar Image Colvin, William Confirmed Laguna Hills, CA
550 Placeholder Avatar Corodimas, Laura Confirmed Fullerton, CA
555 Placeholder Avatar Corodimas, Matt Confirmed Fullerton, CA
798 Placeholder Avatar Cruz, Marco Confirmed sylmar, ca
516 Placeholder Avatar Dang, Anthony Confirmed Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
562 Avatar Image Davis, Matt Confirmed Long Beach, CA
113 Avatar Image DeShon, Mark Confirmed Costa Mesa, CA
207 Placeholder Avatar Dolak, Andrew Confirmed Corona Del Mar, CA
28 Avatar Image Donahue, Shane Confirmed North Hollywood, CA
714 Avatar Image Duran, Dan Confirmed Orange, CA
225 Placeholder Avatar Edwards, Tyler Confirmed Orange, CA
90 Avatar Image Ekstrand, Robert Confirmed Pasadena, CA
15 Avatar Image Ekstrand, Steven Confirmed PASADENA, CA
64 Placeholder Avatar Endicott, Bob Confirmed San Pedro, CA
23 Avatar Image Fendel, John Confirmed Lake Forest, CA
81 Placeholder Avatar Fenstermacher, Sean Confirmed San Pedro, CA
233 Placeholder Avatar Flanigan, Mike Confirmed Lake Elsinore, CA
277 Avatar Image Fulton, BJ Confirmed Pasadena, CA
486 Avatar Image Gonzalez, Matthew Confirmed Rancho Santa Marg, CA
436 Avatar Image Gonzalez, Randy Confirmed Rancho Santa Marg, CA
757 Placeholder Avatar Goodman, Byron Confirmed Mission Viejo, CA
29 Placeholder Avatar Green, Don Confirmed Arroyo Grande, CA
17 Placeholder Avatar Grice, Christine Confirmed Redondo Beach, CA
11 Placeholder Avatar Grice, Marshall Confirmed Redondo Beach, CA
177 Avatar Image Gross, Danny Confirmed Costa Mesa, CA
727 Placeholder Avatar Guan, bolong Confirmed placentia, CA
350 Placeholder Avatar Guthorn, Karen Confirmed Huntington Beach, CA
248 Placeholder Avatar Hanson, Scott Confirmed Trabuco Canyon, CA
313 Placeholder Avatar Herrera-Keehn, Xavier Confirmed Cypress, CA
378 Avatar Image Hess, Robert Confirmed Manhattan Beach, CA
221 Placeholder Avatar Hom, Elvin Confirmed Walnut, CA
996 Avatar Image Honar, Michael Reza Confirmed Orange, CA
111 Avatar Image Howlett, Brian Confirmed Hacienda Heights, CA
510 Placeholder Avatar Huang, Matthew Confirmed Woodland Hills, CA
471 Placeholder Avatar Hubbard, Dennis Confirmed La Canada, CA
114 Avatar Image Hur, Kai Confirmed Tamuning, GU
164 Avatar Image Jackson, Brian Confirmed Pomona, CA
289 Placeholder Avatar Jardine, Bob Confirmed West Covina, CA
406 Placeholder Avatar Joe, Robert Confirmed Oceanside, CA
197 Placeholder Avatar Kalman, Cyan Confirmed Porter Ranch, CA
97 Placeholder Avatar Kalman, Dane Confirmed Porter Ranch, CA
332 Placeholder Avatar Kalman, Lori Confirmed Porter Ranch, CA
232 Avatar Image Kalman, Will Confirmed Porter Ranch, CA
47 Avatar Image Kamman, Thomas Confirmed Escondido, CA
227 Placeholder Avatar Kazmierczak, Mike Confirmed Orange , CA
703 Placeholder Avatar Kirby, Rishi Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
24 Avatar Image Lam, Isaac Confirmed RSM, CA
873 Avatar Image Lanfre, Harriett (Melissa) Confirmed Manhattan Beach, CA
355 Avatar Image Lepper, Steve Confirmed Fountain Valley, CA
781 Placeholder Avatar Lestina, Deanna Confirmed Corona, CA
777 Avatar Image Loney, Peter Confirmed Torrance, CA
56 Avatar Image Lonsdale, Jeff Confirmed San Diego, CA
4 Avatar Image Lugod, Jonathan Confirmed Gardena, CA
52 Placeholder Avatar Ly, Hi Confirmed Alta Loma, CA
230 Avatar Image Malmen, Sharon Confirmed West Covina, CA
2 Placeholder Avatar Manolov, Julian Confirmed Pacific Palisades, CA
74 Placeholder Avatar Martin, Bill Confirmed Ridgecrest, CA
808 Avatar Image McBride, Chelsea Confirmed Valencia, CA
25 Avatar Image Mcbride, Patrick Confirmed Pico Rivera, CA
45 Avatar Image McHugh, Scott Confirmed Santa Clarita, CA
22 Avatar Image Milkov, Mihail Confirmed Moorpark, CA
115 Avatar Image Miller, Stacey Confirmed Pasadena, CA
414 Avatar Image Morris, Bryant Confirmed san diego, CA
500 Placeholder Avatar Mullens, Scott Confirmed Lancaster, CA
50 Avatar Image Munoz, Tony Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
333 Avatar Image Natividad, Ben Confirmed Porter Ranch, CA
80 Placeholder Avatar Naylor, Craig Confirmed Long Beach, CA
3 Placeholder Avatar O'Blenes, Steve Confirmed Garden Grove, CA
860 Placeholder Avatar O'Rourke, Kyle Confirmed Torrance, CA
18 Avatar Image Pao, Kevin Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
231 Avatar Image Parker, Michael Confirmed Irvine, CA
267 Placeholder Avatar Polak, Maurice Confirmed Mission Viejo, CA
30 Avatar Image Porta, Anthony Confirmed Anahiem, CA
44 Placeholder Avatar Puertas, Robert Confirmed Irvine, CA
793 Placeholder Avatar Punch, Derek Confirmed Escondido, CA
144 Placeholder Avatar Radtke, Orion Confirmed Culver City, CA
444 Avatar Image Reiner, David Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
797 Placeholder Avatar Rios, David Confirmed Corona, CA
397 Avatar Image Rios, Sebastian Confirmed Corona, CA
497 Placeholder Avatar Rios, Shauna Confirmed Corona, CA
93 Avatar Image Robertson, Brian James Confirmed Chino Hills, CA
393 Placeholder Avatar Robertson, Jenna Confirmed Chino Hills, CA
293 Placeholder Avatar Robertson, Lori Confirmed Chino Hills, CA
467 Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Kylie Confirmed Imperial Beach, CA
167 Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Robbie Confirmed Imperial Beach, CA
156 Placeholder Avatar Robinson, Ted Confirmed Orange, CA
102 Avatar Image Russell, Michael Confirmed Anaheim, CA
67 Avatar Image Sanchez, Nic Confirmed La Habra, CA
14 Placeholder Avatar Schenker, Bill Confirmed Corona del Mar, CA
66 Avatar Image Schilling, George Confirmed Lakewood, CA
1 Placeholder Avatar Severy, Lisa Confirmed Moorpark, CA
6 Placeholder Avatar Simanyi, Mike Confirmed Santa Ana, CA
422 Placeholder Avatar soto, jose Confirmed Riverside, CA
86 Avatar Image Stangarone, Robert Confirmed San Marcos, CA
205 Avatar Image Steward, Michael Confirmed Riverside, CA
173 Placeholder Avatar Strovers, Brian Confirmed California City, CA
73 Placeholder Avatar Strovers, Cathy Confirmed California City, CA
13 Avatar Image Stuart, Jeff Confirmed Goleta, CA
5 Placeholder Avatar Swindle, Jason Confirmed Riverside, CA
311 Avatar Image Tam, Vereker Confirmed Hercules, CA
222 Placeholder Avatar Taneja, Annant Confirmed Chino Hills, CA
705 Placeholder Avatar Tanquary, Tom Confirmed Costa Mesa, CA
49 Avatar Image Tarnoff, Adam Confirmed Lawndale, CA
99 Placeholder Avatar Teulie, Doug Confirmed Huntington Beach, CA
96 Placeholder Avatar Teulie, Kathy Confirmed Huntington Beach, CA
26 Avatar Image Tom, Matt Confirmed Kaneohe, HI
126 Avatar Image Torigian, Diran Confirmed Simi Valley, CA
70 Avatar Image Tran, Catherine Confirmed Costa Mesa, CA
991 Avatar Image Trujillo, Jorge Confirmed Corona, CA
8 Placeholder Avatar Tsou, Jack Confirmed Alhambra, CA
711 Avatar Image Tsui, Edward Confirmed Aliso Viejo, CA
33 Placeholder Avatar Valencia, Alex Confirmed Irvine, CA
310 Avatar Image Wakayama, Myles Confirmed Laguna Niguel, CA
39 Placeholder Avatar Warriner, Richard Confirmed Flagstaff, AZ
441 Placeholder Avatar Whelan, Jim Confirmed Bellflower, CA
302 Placeholder Avatar Wherry, Matt Confirmed Tustin, CA
85 Placeholder Avatar White, George Confirmed Burbank, CA
951 Avatar Image Wilder, Kyle Confirmed Corona, CA
900 Placeholder Avatar Wong, Eric Confirmed Los Angeles, CA
331 Placeholder Avatar Wood, Austin Confirmed Lancaster, CA
211 Placeholder Avatar Woolsey, Cal Confirmed Santa Ana, CA
247 Placeholder Avatar Yamamoto, Steven Confirmed Thousand Oaks, CA
10 Placeholder Avatar Yanase, Michael Confirmed Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
889 Placeholder Avatar Yeoh, Bijan Confirmed Moorpark, CA
887 Placeholder Avatar Yeoh, Neelu Confirmed Moorpark, CA
888 Placeholder Avatar Yeoh, Stephen Confirmed MOORPARK, CA
84 Placeholder Avatar Yeung, Jessica Confirmed South Pasadena, CA
166 Placeholder Avatar Zarate, Oscar Confirmed Long Beach, CA

210 entries listed above. List updated every 15 minutes. Organizers control this list and it may not represent the actual number of people registered.


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